Pure juice allowed to ferment naturally to produce a pure drink

The juice, the whole juice and nothing but the juice

Combe Raider
Dab Hand
Kingston Black
Ten Years After
Yellow Sun
To be Frank
Wooden Wonder
Mulled Cider
Cidre Nouveau
Vat 3
Pure Apple Juice
Cider Vinegar

Ciderniks’ ciders are made with pure apple juice with nothing else added. So our ciders do not contain sulphites, additional sugar, sucralose, saccharrine or any of the other chemicals and agents that you may find elsewhere. The strength of the ciders produced is, therefore, dependent on the amount of fermentable sugars in the pressed apple juice.

Wherever possible, apples are sourced locally. The mixture of apples used will produce a distinctive taste each year. Juice is allowed to finish fermentation naturally. This tends to produce a drier cider – those who prefer a sweeter taste may wish to try adding a small amount of sugar, honey, apple juice or even lemonade, before drinking.

Click here to download a leaflet on Ciderniks and our ciders.

The current ciders available include:

Combe Raider, ABV 6.5%, is made from a mixture of apple varieties, mainly cooking and eating apples, which are gathered locally. It is a light, dry cider.

Dab Hand, ABV 6.5%, is made from a blend of 75% Dabinett and 25% Michelin cider apples grown in Herefordshire. Dab Hand has a softer mouth feel, due to higher tannin levels, and a very different taste to Combe Raider.

Kingston Black, ABV 6.5%, a single varietal cider made from Kingston Black apples grown in Herefordshire. With that distinctive Kingston Black 'nutty' taste.

Kingston Black awarded 1st place in the 2015 CAMRA South of England Cider Competition

Ten Years After, ABV 6.5%, a blended cider to celebrate 10 years of Ciderniks' cidermaking in 2013 and also in memory of Alvin Lee (1944-2013), one of the greatest blues-rock guitarists and singer/ songwriters.

Kickstart, ABV 6.0%, is made from Early Windsor apples grown just outside Bridport. It is a very aromatic, dry cider with a complex taste that develops the more you drink!

Freebird, ABV 7.0%, is made from a mix of cider and other apples grown in an orchard near Hungerford. It is a medium cider.

Yellow Sun, ABV 6.5%, is a blended cider made in conjunction with #twitterVforce. A donation to is made to The Vulcan to the Sky Trust with every bottle or pint sold to help maintain and preserve the Avro Vulcan, Handley Page Victor and Vickers Valiant aircraft for future generations.

To be Frank, ABV 5.6%, is a single varietal cider made from Somerset Redstreak apples grown in Herefordshire. A light, medium-dry cider.

Wooden Wonder, ABV 6.5%, is a medium-dry cider made for The People's Mosquito. A donation to is made to The People's Mosquito with every bottle or pint sold to help fund the rebuilding of the de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito RL249 to return to Britain's skies in the years to come.

Mulled Cider, ABV 6.5% before heating! Our Mulled Cider is a mix of cider, sugar and spices and should be served piping hot. Some may wish to sweeten it further to taste. Chase away those winter sniffs and snuffles. Mulled cider is generally only available when the weather is cold!

Past ciders, which may well make a comeback in future years, include:

Cidre Nouveau, ABV 6%, made from a mixture of apple varieties, gathered locally. Cidre Nouveau becomes available if the autumn weather has allowed the current year's pressed juice to ferment down quickly and may be drinkable as early as November. Stocks are unlikely to last beyond the spring. As Cidre Nouveau matures, it grows into Combe Raider.

Lynched, ABV 7.0%, is available in limited quantities. Lynched is made from a mix of 9 different cider apples, all grown in a single small orchard in Oxfordshire. The mix of apples is: Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Tremletts Bitter, Stoke Red, Northwood, Porters Pefection, Dabinett, Tom Putt and Michelin.

Vat 3, ABV 6.5%, is made from a blend of cider apples (mainly Dabinett), dessert apples and cooking apples. The result is a medium-dry cider, sweeter than Combe Raider but drier than Dab Hand.

Yellowleg, ABV 6%, a dry refreshing cider, with a hint of citric, made from a mixture of apples sourced in Inkpen. The name is derived from the old nickname for the Inkpen clayworkers and reflects the colour of the workers' legs after a day's work in the clay pits, rather than anything else more sinister!

Yarlington, ABV 7%, made from a single variety cider apple, Yarlington Mill. In 2005, apples were sourced from a certified organic orchard near Leominster. Yarlington has a surprisingly dark colour and a distinctive taste – you’ll either love it or hate it, but the long maturation has produced a medium cider with a soft taste.

MXD, ABV 6.5%, a medium dry cider, made from a blend of Yellowleg and Yarlington which keeps some of the distinctive taste of Yarlington, but is a little drier.

We also make:

Pure Apple Juice, this is bottled and pasteurised within a few hours of the apples being pressed. A small amount of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) is added to the apple juice before pasteurising to stop it browning and tasting of stewed apples after pasteurisation. Pasteurisation is necessary to prevent the juice starting to ferment in the bottles. Pure Apple Juice is available in 330ml and 750ml bottles.

Cider Vinegar, a raw, unfiltered and unpasteurised cider vinegar which may contain pieces of vinegar mother. Many health benefits are associated with drinking cider vinegar (or adding it to cooking). Please see our leaflet for more details.

“The UK produces over nine billion litres of cider per year”

“The UK has the highest per capita consumption of cider in the world”

“In the US, the term cider refers to non-alcoholic apple juice. Hard cider denotes the fermented version”
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